ConFem Download

Download zipped Python sources and example data:

ConFemV1R0 — 2014-04-04

ConFemV1R1 — 2015-11-10

ConFemV2R0 — 2016-06-28

ConFemV2R1 — 2017-12-15

ConFem DataExamples — 2017-04-18



Download .exe Version (sorry, large – includes the whole python scientific stuff which is not really necessary for ConFem) with last update 2021-11-16

ConFem .exe zip01 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip02 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip03 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip04 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip05 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip06 — 2021-11-16
ConFem .exe zip07 — 2021-11-16

best unpack using 7-zip applied to

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