13.2 Material Types

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Material Types are coded as classes in the module X-FemMat.py. This class has the class Material as base class. A particular material type class ($\rightarrow $ MatClass) generally includes a constructor like

To define basic parameters – independent of the data above for a particular material of this type – the MatClass-constructor includes a constructor for a material instance connected to the instance of MatClass

Data of instances of MatClass are read in the module X-FemInOut.py in the procedure ReadInputFile. Two blocks are concerned:

To interface MatClass has as methods

Result data are prepared in the module X-FemInOut.py with the procedure

The MatClass-object may have another material type object as base class whereby inheriting its properties and methods. Thus, MatClass automatically has the Material-class without explicitely specifying this. This currently is given for the material types

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