10.7 Shell Section

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A section starting with *SHELL SECTION defines a set of slab elements (SB3) or shell elements (SH3), whereby all elements within this set basically have the same properties.

The section keyword *SHELL SECTION has as options


refers to a name of a set of elements (mandatory)


(the same name also has to be defined within an element section)


refers to a material name defining the material of the elements (mandatory)


(the same name also has to be defined within a material section)

The first data line describes the following data




thickness of slab or shell

In case that the option *MATERIAL refers to the material type *RCSHELL a following data line describes a reinforcement layer with the following geometric properties



$\varrho _{eff}$,

$\beta _t$,

$\varphi $



cross section area


height coordinate with respect to the reference line ($z_s<0$ downward, $z_s>0$ upward)


(reference line goes through the cross section center

$\varrho _{eff}$

effective reinforcement ratio (used only for tension stiffening)

$\beta _t$

bond parameter ($\beta =0$: no tension stiffening)

$\varphi $

orientation of reinforcement with respect to global $x$-direction in degrees

This refers to a single reinforcement sheet and be may repeated as required for a number of stacked reinforcement sheets. The number of reinforcement sheets is not restricted.

The section keyword *SHELL SECTION has no own sub-keywords.

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